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I'm Courtney Kirkland.

saved by grace. WIFE TO ONE. MOM OF THREE.  southern girl by birth. coffee aficionado. powerhouse designer. fan of naps.

I grew up in one of the smallest towns in Alabama, married a military man and have traveled all over this great nation. I fell into the world of web design and taught myself how to code and style during the wee hours of the night while nursing babies. I want to help you create a visual online identity that will knock the socks off your customer base and bring you your ideal clients. Whether you're an author, an influencer, a business owner or a church looking to connect with this tech savvy generation, I guarantee I have something for you.

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Occasionally, I am fortunate enough to have my work featured elsewhere. Here's a few places you can see my work:

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Are you suffering from Brand Envy or are you truly in need of a new look and a clearer Brand Identity?

Let's Find out!

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Nah, girl.

really not digging my current look...

i'm doing pretty good with what i have...

Does your brand lack the "pop" or the "wow" factor that you feel other
businesses have?



i don't know what to do!

i prefer to call my look "classic."

Tired of feeling like you're stuck with a lackluster design?

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is there any hope?!

i'm all booked out!

Feel like bad design is costing you clients and income?

Let's see how I may be able to help! My passion lies with helping the small business owner, blogger and influencer take their less than stellar design and inconsistent online identity and transform it into something that they are proud of. Likewise, with this new design, we aim to create something that will attract ideal clients and generate income for your business!

so, how can i help you?

Let's create a whole new brand identity!

I just need a new logo...not all  the rest.

Can I get it ALL?! A brand and a new site?!

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Still unsure as to whether you really need a new brand? 

Don't worry. I get it. But, before you decide with 100% certainty that a new design isn't worth it or what you need, take a look at where former Two Lads & A Lady Brand clients have been featured since their brand overhaul!



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