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What do you mean by,
"Creating for the Kingdom?"

I grew up in a Southern Baptist church, was baptized at age 12 and have lived most all of my life walking by Faith in Jesus Christ. While I never bring myself to force anyone to believe what I believe nor do I extend condemnation to anyone living a lifestyle that goes against my beliefs, I do bring my faith into my work. 

It is by God's grace and his mercy that I am still here and that I have air in my lungs. My design abilities are also his generous gift to me and I fully intend to use every bit of what I can to bring honor and glory to His kingdom

"And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men..."

• colossians 3:23 nkjv •

Our two lads & a Lady

I'm likely no different than any other mama, but I am pretty proud of my kids. My husband of 11+ years and I together have three: Noah (2008), Jonah (2012) and Sarah (2017). I honestly never set out to have three children—much less two boys, but God knew that these three were what my heart needed. They are military kids, having moved more times in less than 10 years than most people do in a lifetime. They are resilient, headstrong, and full of joy and energy. They push me to be my very best self and everything I do, I do to give them the best life I know how to give them.

I started my design journey when I was pregnant with our second son. At the time, we were living on Kodiak Island, Alaska and I was going stir crazy during the long winter months. To be completely transparent, designing logos and creating websites is what saved my sanity during the newborn years and brought me back from a very difficult battle with postpartum depression. Creating beautiful things brings me both joy and contentment and using that to make beautiful things for others is something I hope my two lads and lady will someday be proud of.

Noah, Jonah and Sarah

the TLL Mission

how we price our services & how we give back

Because of my faith and what I believe, I live with the idea that God alone will provide for what I need and what my family needs. 

I also believe that everyone working to grow and build a business for themselves—whether to provide food to put on the table or to pay for dance classes and batting practice—needs a beautiful design a quality brand to attract their ideal clientele. 

This belief makes me one of the few designers and brand strategists who not only understands financial constraints and limitations, but who is willing to work within them. I offer a variety of payment options and payment plans that allow us to work within your budget to still create the branding you need. 

Similarly, with every purchase and payment made to Two Lads & A Lady, you are helping fight childhood cancer through our partnership with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 15% of every sale is donated directly to their foundation.

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