n any given day, I would be willing to bet that you would find a minimum of three half empty cups of cold coffee on my desk. You'll likely find me sitting there with a baby on my knee, singing "Baby Shark" for the millionth time since 7:00 am.

But, I'd venture to say that my Granny is to blame for my entrepreneurial spirit. As far back as I can recall, the woman was a mad salesperson. I only got 16 years with her before she passed, but in those years I remember that she did some of everything. She was a security guard at the county jail, selling insurance, running a Christian book store, working at place that made fishing tackle, to turning profit her first year of owning a nearly bankrupt Gas Station & Bait Store. My Granny was a boss, y'all.

We used to laugh and tell her she could sell the Bible to Jesus himself. She was more than just a good salesperson...she was business savvy and people friendly. When she purchased the Bait Store up at the Lake, it was in pitiful state—dirty, dilapidated and poorly stocked. How the owners were keeping it open I will never know. We all saw it as a lost cause, but my Granny saw what it could be and set out to make it so. Six months later, the place was in top shape, well stocked and breaking even. She turned a five-figure profit her very first year.

Granny knew how to run a business. She knew that the closest place for the locals to purchase groceries was 30 minutes away. Rather than just assuming that they'd figure out a way to get what they needed, she brought what they needed to them by stocking her store full of every day household things like soap, shampoo and toilet paper. Pretty soon, the locals were foregoing their 30 minute drive to the Walmart in lieu of shopping with my Granny—even when that meant they'd be paying a little more.


If you had told me ten years ago that I would marry my best friend, travel all over the country, mama three babies and fall in love with a graphic design thanks to the Brick Breaker computer game and a professor who taught in his socks...I'd have called you cray cray.

My goal as a designer is to pull a Granny: take something that you may see as broken and a total lost cause and bring it back to life. I want to take your brand and your business and breathe life back into it. I want to bring you what you need—

a brand identity that sets you apart, draws in your ideal customer and leave an impression that will keep people coming back again and again and again.

Think you Know me pretty well?
Take a Guess...or two!


Fried Green Tomatoes

Steel Magnolias

Sweet Home Alabama

Gone with the Wind

Well fiddle-dee-dee, What true Southern Belle can resist the likes of Mr. Rhett Butler? This one I can watch over and over again. Nothing quite like the beauty of the
Old South.

Gone with the Wind

Both! Is this
a trick question? 

intense thriller!

I love movies and books that make me stop and think or require my close attention. Alex Cross, Gone Girl, Prisoners?! I can't get enough. I need a good "who done it?!" to keep me on my toes and make me think!

harry potter

not even a competition!

I was in 6th grade when HP hit the shelves in America and I was the first in my school to read it. Harry and the gang carried me through some of the more difficult days of junior high and through a lot of hardship. #Always

My dad took me to see every MARVEL movie that came out growing up and I continue that with my two boys. We love Marvel in our house!
RDJ is my fave.

I have always been a night owl. For some reason, I find that I am most creative at night. Or maybe it's just because that's when my house gets quiet.

give me all the cookie dough! we love it in our house so much that we tend to keep the pre-made tubs of Nabisco in the fridge almost all the time.

My faith is the central part of my being. God brought me back from the point of rock bottom in my life and it's only by his grace that I'm still here. My passion in life is sharing what He's done for me with everyone I meet.

my faith

The only thing I ever wanted to do in life was be a wife and a mother. I've been a wife to Josh for 11+ years and together we have three little miracles—Noah (2008), Jonah (2012) , and Sarah (2017). Together we have laughed, cried & journeyed a lot of miles together. They are my whole world.

my family

Whether it's the Bible, a fictional novel or writing in my own journal, the written word is my love language. I have journaled routinely for over 25 years and have boxes upon boxes full of memories and lessons I've learned from the Lord.

the written word

I fell in love with telling stories through my lens when I was in high school taking photos for the yearbook. I've said goodbye to a lot of family, but photos allow me to revisit moments and relive experiences. As of right now...I have upward of 20,000+ personal photos on various hard drives and on the cloud.


I fell in love with design in 2010 when I switched my website over to Wordpress. There was a vast shortage of cute templates and quality design. I spent HOURS scouring the internet for tutorials and fell in love with the art of creating beautiful branding and simple design. 

quality design

There's nothing like the simplicity of a fresh picked bouquet of flowers. No matter the kind or the color, fresh flowers bring cheer and joy to anyone! I usually always have a fresh vase full in my kitchen...

fresh flowers

I fell in love with traveling when I was 15 and flew to D.C. by myself for a youth convention. I swore that one day I would see the world. God brought a man into my life who I would later marry who was in the US Military. Together, we have traveled all over and have seen so much of the US. Next step? Paris!


what inspires me


my Bucket List


be completely debt free

(what a boring, grown up answer...)


adopt a foster child


plant a church


travel all over europe with my hubby


visit all 50 states


35 | 50


write a best seller


meet someone famous

Me & Nicholas Sparks at his NC Book Signing...


dip my toes in boththe atlantic & pacific oceans

halfway there

1 | 2

Wrightsville beach, NC 


take a trip to the Holy Land and walk where Jesus walked



Y'all come back now...

pretty things


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