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Back in 2011 when my design journey began, I was on the lookout for anyone who would be willing to work with my small business (i.e. minimal and very limited) budget. With a newborn, a military husband with a non-rate military paycheck and no second source of income, all I wanted was for someone to be a bit flexible with my attempts at a new design.

Every designer I contacted requested full payment up front for work that I had not yet seen. I didn’t have hundreds of dollars just lying around at my disposal and at the time, I didn’t have a website that would draw in a reader or a customer.

What I had was an idea to create affordable, quality design work for small business owners…and to do so in a way that would allow them to be a bit more flexible with their budgeting to allow them to get that beautiful design that would set them apart from the get go—all without breaking the bank.

At Two Lads & a Lady, the only time we ask for payment in full up front is when YOU want to pay in full. And when you do, we reward you for it.

At Two Lads & A Lady, you will never have to worry that you can’t get that dream brand that you’re wanting because of your budget. We work WITH you and FOR you to create something remarkable!

As a self-taught Graphic + Web Designer and Brand Strategist, I know what it’s like to build a business from the ground up.

So, to answer your question...why us?

the short answer:

the long answer:

Because we are awesome! Don't just take our word for it! Read what former clients have said about their experiences with Two Lads & A Lady!

Because at Two Lads & A Lady, your design and your brand is important to us. We've been in the startup phase. We know all about budgetary limitations and we think that everyone deserves to have a brand that they can be proud of. With us, you're not just another sale or a're a friend. 



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